Monday, January 19, 2009


My Dad probably does not read this very often but I am hoping my Mom will get him to read it today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! My Dad has taught me some very valuable lessons in life. He is a very hard worker. He has always worked hard for his family. He did not become a Christian until I was about 9, I think. So...I got to see my Dad change and it was an amazing change! My husband is a lot like my Dad. My Dad loves to get down on the floor and play with the kids. My kids knew papa would wrestle and throw them in the air and loved EVERY minute of it! The kids are older now but I can't wait to see our little guy interact with Papa. My Dad said recently that our little guy will be a gift from God. That touched my heart in ways he will never know. SO...for everything you have done for me and for always praying for us...Thank you Dad! I feel so blessed that God brought us together!! Happy Birthday! Love you, Tina

Dad with his new nerf gun at Christmas!


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