Saturday, December 22, 2007


Christmas is just around the corner. I hope you are all having a great Holiday season. We are heading to a Christmas dinner today with extended family. We will celebrate Christmas Eve with a special service at Church. Christmas day will be here at home for the morning and then head to Grandparents for the rest of the day. We will then follow up with another Christmas with my side of the family on the 29th. We always keep very busy during the Holidays.
We are hoping and praying that our little guy will be here to share in the Christmas season next year. We know God has a plan and we have to keep the faith!!

I thought I would share a funny little story with you all...This is from our youngest daughter, Emilie. Anyone who knows our Emilie knows that you just never know what is going to come out when she speaks BUT this was so funny!!

This happended last year...I have this little singing hamster (my nephew got it for me a few years ago) that sings We wish you a Merry Christmas. Emilie loves to push the button and sing along. We had never really paid attention to what she was singing before. One day I was standing near her and listening to her sing. I realized she was singing the second verse: Now bring me some granny panties, now bring me some granny panties, now bring me some granny panties and a cup of rootbeer!! I laughed SO hard!! Aren't kids GREAT!! Do you know Santa found the humor in it also and she received some granny panties and a can of rootbeer in her stocking!! What a great family memory. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we have!

Have a Wonderful Christmas! And remember JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!!!!

The Hubbards

Friday, December 14, 2007


We really did not get a lot of ice. The kids were home for 2 days and that was more challenging than the actual storm. We watched a movie and decorated a gingerbread house the first day. That entertained the kids for a few hours!! The second day we watched a movie and tried to keep everyone from attacking each other. BOY--am I looking forward to Christmas vacation! Hopefully, Santa brings lots to entertain them!!

I have been frantically working on Christmas cards. If you are reading this and have yet to receive your card, they are being mailed within the next day or so!!

No major news on the adoption. We are just praying that referrals will come soon. And trying to remember GOD IS IN CONTROL!!

Hope you are all having a Blessed Christmas Season.

Don and Tina

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


December already?? This year seems to have flown by. It seems like we were just discussing adoption and all of the details.

Today it seems that many have the question, Why would you adopt now? Well...not that I feel I must justify the question with any other answer than: because we want to. BUT...we feel like we were called to adopt. We decided many years ago that adoption was an option that we would pursue when the time was "right". At this time in ours lives we have a child getting ready to graduate from High School another one has entered High School and our youngest is 9. And we are so thankful that they all agree that the time is right to add to our family through adoption.

Last December we were looking at possibly trying to get 2 little ones from foster care. We discussed this option with the kids and they were ready to bring them home. Unfotunately, this fell through. The kids were very sad and concerned for these 2 youngsters. They worried about whether they would have a Christmas or not. I feel so blessed to have children who feel empathy for others. We knew then that we were ready to start the adoption process. We prayed and prayed and prayed about every detail. We feel God has lead us to a wonderful agency and to the country from which we are adopting.

We are very thankful and feel very blessed that we are able to adopt. We are looking forward to having another little one running around.

Lately, it seems that the adoption process is moving very slow. Through all of this we remain hopeful that God will bring our baby boy to us soon. We have Faith that God is in control of our adoption and that gives us peace.

We continue to ask for prayers as we continue "the wait".

We pray that you all have a Blessed Christmas!

Don and Tina