Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today is just another day. I am completely exhausted!! I have never posted here about ADHD. Our youngest was diagnosed about 3 or so years ago. Our son was diagnosed the year prior to her. Randy was having problems in school turning in his work. He would get it all done and then leave it somewhere like his locker or just misplace it. He would get A's on the tests and end up with C's in his classes and not see anything wrong with that. His teachers in Middle school were NOT good at communicating with me SO this Mom got ugly!! I was told if we do not stand up for our children no one else will! Randy has never been hyperactive or had problems staying in control of his emotions. He just had a hard time staying focused and organized. We never put Randy on meds because with the help of teachers and us staying on top of this Randy has been very successful. Emilie is the total opposite! She has been a very hyper child from birth. We dealt with it until she started having problems with school and then we wanted her to be successful so we went to a specialist. Emilie is very passionate about EVERYTHING! We finally have her on a med that she is doing very well in school. That is VERY important to us!! We work hard to deal with everything here at home but we are not always the best parents at it. It is hard when you are into an hour long fit and you are not sure how to help her or to keep yourself from losing it as well!! Lately she is having problems sleeping. We are hoping this will get under control soon. Maybe God is preparing us for our little guy who will keep us up at night! :) I don't want my children to be defined by ADHD. I want them to be successful despite it. Randy is doing great now and getting A's and B's in High school. Emilie is doing very well in school and we are still working on home! We are Mom and Dad so I am sure she feels like it is ok to just be herself with us. Sometimes herself is a little hard to deal with. BUT we love her and will always do our best to make her successful in all aspects of her life. Anyway...I know this has nothing to do with adoption but I just had to get this out today!


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