Friday, January 9, 2009


Today marks 11 weeks of waiting. It has been a tough week for me. I am not sure why it hit me this week? Our agency has not had any referrals in 3 weeks and I am thinking that may be it. When you are watching progress and see yourself moving up the list it makes the wait a little easier (for me anyway).
I can say that I am SO thankful for all of the kind words and prayers and good thoughts while I was in a "mood". One of my best prayer warriors is my sister. She has been wonderful these past few months. I know if I need to vent she is there to listen! She has been having some health problems for over a year now and they are still not sure what is going on so I try to check in on her a lot. But I think she has helped me more lately than I have helped her! She is SO excited about our little guy. She has even said she would love to go with us to get him! I know our little guy is already so loved and that is such a blessing to us. My Dad told me recently that Our little guy is a gift from God! I was so touched by this. I know that is how Don and I feel but to hear others say it is truly amazing to us. as we continue to wait I know in my heart that we are going to be blessed beyond belief when our little guy arrives!
My inspirational calendar says for 1/9: Today is your best day because you can grow a little more in your faith, a little more in your maturity, and a little more in your intimacy with Jesus.


Cindy (my sister) and I @ Christmas.

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Cindy said...

Sis, I truly believe that God purposed all that has happened in our lives to bring us to this moment in time! YOU are my lifesaver. YOU are my very best friend! I know that the desire of you heart is to have your little guy home. I, also, know that the desire of your heart is to be the Mother that God intended you to be! You are there, my dear sister! I love you so much, and prayers will continue as always!!! Love, Cindy