Friday, October 31, 2008


We have survived our first week of waiting. :) I know we have a lot of weeks to go but it will be fun to keep track. We have decided to have a little contest with our family and friends on who can guess the referral date. We have a huge 2009 calendar hanging in our dining area. It will be fun to see who is closest.


Tonight I will be taking my little tiger out for trick or treating. Emilie wanted to be a white tiger but since I can not sew and could not find white sweat pants to paint we ended up with a regular tiger costume. She looks cute in it. I don't allow the scary costumes so she is usually pretty good about getting a fun costume. I also do not do much decorating for Halloween but I put fall things around. The kids get frustrated with me but it is just a preference. I am not big on the evil side of it. The kids laugh about it but I think they understand me. The older ones go to Haunted Houses but there is no way you could pay me to go in one!

I had to take Randy to the DR this morning. They are thinking mono or strep!! UUGH-- We should know by tomorrow if it is mono and by Tues if it is strep. We have dealt with mono before. Our older daughter had it a few years ago. The bad thing is tonight could be their last football game and he can not go to it.

Well...Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. Have a great weekend!

Until later~

Friday, October 24, 2008


I was kind of bummed yesterday when we did not hear from CHI that we were finally a waiting family. It was 2 weeks yesterday and I was so hoping we would hear something before the weekend. SO...I emailed my wonderful family and asked that they pray and guess what...


My husband received a phone call saying he didn't have to work this morning and so we decided to go do some Christmas shopping and spend some time together. I think it helped my attitude to get out of the house!! When we got home he checked the emails while I hid presents. When I sat down next to him I saw the email and had to beg him to click on it. He really likes to mess with me. But I got goose bumps as I read where we stand on the list. We are #110 over all but in the 0-12 months age we are #38. I know that sounds like a long way off but really things seem to be moving and so we are very excited about it.

I think I can finally relax a little bit and begin working more on projects before we receive a referral. We are praying for a referral by May so that we can travel during the summer months (June or July).

SO...thanks for all of the prayers and the support. We appreciate each and every one of you more than you will ever know! Please keep praying.

Until later~

Monday, October 20, 2008

GETTING BACK TO NORMAL... our little one that we were watching went home. We had her in our home for 4.5 weeks so to say that we will miss her is an understatement!! It has been a joy watching her learn and grow over the last month. She now blows kisses and says a few things to us. I loved rocking her to sleep and watching her sleep in our little guy's crib. We will see her often but will always cherish the time she spent with us.

We also survived our trip to Kentucky. It was a long hard trip. I did well until I got to the visitation and then I lost it a bit. It was tough to think that she was no longer going to write me letters or send me news clippings. I am saddened by the fact that our little guy will not have his own handmade afghan or quilt made by her. We have several so he will sleep with one I am sure but they belong to our other children. We did get some pieces of fabric before she passed away for a patchwork quilt that we are having made for him. She taught my kids the funniest little finger plays that I am sure they will pass on to their little brother.

We will hopefully hear something by the end of this week from our agency that we are officially on the list. Our 2 weeks will be Thurs. Please pray that we will hear soon.

Until later~

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yesterday we found out that Don's Aunt Shine passed away. This has been some pretty tough news to handle for all of us. Her husband passed away last year in Oct. as well. They had only one daughter and I am sure this is all very hard for her.

It was very hard to tell the kids. Don told Tifanie because she called him and asked how she was doing after taking a fall earlier. **They are not sure if it was a massive heart attack or stroke** We were at a campout dinner with some friends when Don called me so I decided not to tell kids and ruin their evening. I told Em on the way home. (Randy stayed the night there so I told him today.) Emilie is named after her and was quite devestated. It was very hard for me to watch her sob as she questioned why? She did tell me that when I told her she had fallen and they were taking her by ambulance to the hosp that she got a really bad feeling in her bones and she knew something bad was coming!!

Aunt Shine kind of took the place of our grandmothers. She would have been 80 in a few weeks. We will really miss her. She always sent the kids cards for all holidays with 2 sticks of sugarless gum in them. She and I wrote back and forth. She sent me a card and letter just a week ago with a newspaper clipping of my parents. She was always doing that. She was always asking about the adoption and had told us if anyone had enough love for another child it was Don and I. That meant a lot to us! I am sad that our little guy will not get to meet her and have one of those wonderful afghans that she has made for each one of the kids.

We will be heading to Kentucky this week for the funeral. I really wish I could save my children from this kind of loss and pain!

Until later~

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just received an email saying that our paperwork is off to Washington DC today. YEAH!!! It was a really cool email just letting us know and letting us know that our consultant will email us as soon as it is back. I am sure it is just a basic email statement sent to everyone at that point BUT it is major communication for us. We never got that from the other agency. Once our dossier was in country they did let us know a few days later. I love our new agency!! So we are about 2 weeks away from being official waiters.

Yesterday my hubby and I went to the movies for a little "us" time. We were wanting to see the movie FIREPROOF before it was no longer playing. What an amazing movie about marriage. I told him afterwards that I think it should be a requirement during marriage counseling! It was a low budget movie but it had several big lessons! What did I learn watching the movie?? I learned that I have an amazing husband. He is not perfect...but he is a good man and loves God and he loves me and our children. He brings me an iced tea almost everyday. (my favorite drink) He would do just about anything to make me happy (if it is in his power!) He has been amazing through out this adoption process! I thank God for him everyday. He puts up with a lot from me and as I have said to him several times...if you had known what you were getting into 19+ years ago you would have ran! He doesn't think so. I am sure I don't thank him near enough for all he does for us and for just loving us! So...I love you Donald very much and thanks for all you do for our family. You will always have my heart!!!

SO Until later...

Friday, October 3, 2008


Funny blog title! BUT...we received an email today from our agency and they said that they received our dossier and that it was...PERFECT!! YEAH-- OK now I can breathe a little. Now our dossier will be sent to Washington DC and be authenticated and all and we should be on the wait list in about 3 weeks or so...It will not be sent until next Thur. and the time frame from then is 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. We are so ready for this!! And so happy.

I called Don and told him that they said it was perfect and he laughed and said don't they know you are anal! :) I went over that paperwork 100 times to make sure it was all done correctly and I drove Donald crazy redoing things until they were perfect!

SO...please pray that we are waiting very soon!!

Until later...

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today we mailed off our dossier to our adoption agency! As long as all is there and done right we should be an official waiting family (again!) in a few weeks. We sent it overnight because...well...I am a nervous wreck and wanted it to get there in one piece ASAP!!
I even prayed all the way to the post office! I am just SO ready to become a waiting family. I know that 6+ months is a long time to wait BUT atleast I have more hope that this time we will end this process with our son in our arms. To wait 9+ months as a waiting family and walk away with empty arms and an ache in our hearts is still something we are recovering from.
SO...we are praying for God to send our little guy to us and that we will be an example to others going through this experience. God is good and He alone can carry us through as we wait to see our little one's amazing face!

And today I changed our inspirational calendar and this was the verse for the day...

Psalm 118:1 Give thanks to the Lord; his love endures forever. AMEN

Until later~