Friday, January 9, 2009

East to the West...

My children are taking over the blog for this post...Randy wanted to post one of our favorite Casting Crown songs...

Emilie wrote a poem for a contest at school but was too late to get it turned in. I told her I would post it for the blog world to read and enjoy...
I can see a doe and a fawn gathered in a meadow to eat tender delicate grass.
I can hear a water fall nearby that gently drips into a river below.
I can smell the flowers that bloomed beautiful reds and greens.
I can feel the gentle dewey wet grass as I rest motionless in that exact spot.
I can taste those freshly picked from a bush berries.
And it was truly was a grandly perfect spring day.

By...Emilie Hubbard (10 yrs)

Hope you enjoyed the post from the kids.


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