Friday, January 29, 2010


This week has not been a very productive one. After I was tested for allergies on Monday I started not feeling well. I don't know what it was but I was very tired and feeling a little overwhelmed along with it plus my stomach hurt a lot! The Dr wants me to make so many changes and most of them are not exactly cheap changes... normally it would be no big deal we would just do it...BUT we are getting ready to leave and are trying to keep our spending at a low so we will be able to travel comfortably and leave behind money for those with our kiddos so that they will have it when and if needed. So when you throw in having to buy several new prescriptions, plus have the pharmacist order body wash, shampoo and conditioner along with lotions, new bedding for our bed, and air purifiers...well it is all just a little much right now. On top of that we are supposed to be finding a home for our cat. (which I am allergic to also!) This cat is Em's cat and I am sure you can imagine how she feels about that. So...after 2 really bad days from her we have decided (unless some really good friends want her) the cat will stay in the basement for a few more months until things have settled around this house some.
OK...Now I still need to pack the last donation suitcase, pack our last clothing suitcase, get our carry ons packed and organized. I still need to organize the final pieces of paperwork and get a system prepared for taking pics for other families. I need to pack Emilie and get all of her meds and stuff together and written down. I have already prepared the family keeping her but a few things need to be adjusted. I need to pick up our last prescriptions to travel with, and more D batteries. I want to clean the house spotless before I leave... Do you think I can accomplish all
of this is 2 weeks...Really I only have 12 days to get it all done. YIKES...
Well...maybe I will be so exhausted from all of this that I will knock out on the plane instead of worrying about whether I will have enough space or air to survive the flights...Oh yes...that will have to be another post! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! We are going to have a family weekend...hoping to take Em to do something special that does not cost a lot of money!



Breann said...

Two weeks wahoo!!! I sent the photo albums yesterday. There is one for each. There is also a letter inside. If they let you read it to then will you make sure they get the right album? I know it's a lot to ask and we are so grateful you are able to take them. Have fun getting ready. I am praying for good health, inexpensive fun, a friend for the cat, and safe travels.

Christina Hubbard said...

THANKS Breann! I can sure use all those prayers right now.