Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hubby looked at me today and with a huge smile said..."10 more days!" I was excited and scared all at the same time. He keeps making fun of my lists, which have grown to like 10-ish. He even asked if he needed to write down quality time with him on the list! Such a funny guy (sarcasm!)
I am working my way through my lists and making more lists as I need to. I do have our 3rd suitcase (donations) packed but I believe a few more items are coming. It only weighs 34lbs right now so we have room for more. I have most everything else organized to pack and have even started getting Emilie's things together to pack.
I have been playing so many things over and over in my head. I am sure most of you understand the "what ifs" that we worry about right before we travel. I keep thinking about the plane ride and "what if" I freak out since I am not a fan of confined spaces. Then there is the "what if" we get delayed on one of our flights and things get all messed up. And the "what if" things don't go well with the orphanage and birth mother visit...I mean come on is thank you truly enough??? So you see where I am at? And this is not to mention the "what ifs" about leaving our kiddos here without us. I guess I just need to get over all of this.
I also think about the first time I hold him and what it will be like? I am so in love with him already but I know when I get him in my arms I will be lost! I pray he feels the same way.

SO...10 more days and we will be on our way...Yes...10...MORE...DAYS!!!

Have a blessed night,


Breann said...

Ten DAYS YEAH!!!!! Thats so soon. I am so anxious. Did you get our photo albums by chance? I cant wait to hear about your trip. I am praying for peace. No more what ifs. Just that's my baby.

Sam's mom said...

oh, I cannot believe you are finally almost there. He'll be in your arms so soon!
Praying for your journey and safe stay.

Christy. said...

Yay!!! 10 more days until you are in your son's birth country!!!