Thursday, January 7, 2010


I got an email saying that our travel conference call will be next Wed (13th). When I saw the email my heart began to beat faster and I got butterflies in my stomach! I know this is one step closer to us actually getting on a plane to go get our baby boy! SO EXCITING!!
And yet...what have I gotten done today??? HMMMM...well...I have washed and folded two loads of laundry and started another load. I did get lunch done and cleaned up...AND well...that is just about it so far. OH YES...I made my bed (that is a must for me anyway!).
I have had no motivation AT ALL today! I sit my rear down and get on face book and check emails and blogs and...well, I am truly being pathetic! I have a growing list of things to do to prepare to travel, in what could be 3 weeks tomorrow, and here I sit! I think I am overwhelmed right now. I am trying not to get ahead of myself for fear of disappointment. If I have everything packed before we have actual confirmation of our embassy date then I will be so sad if we end up with a later date. So instead...I guess I am choosing to really stress myself out by waiting! :) I do have some things prepared to pack but have not actually packed it because of how I would like to pack it all. Make sense?? does to me! :)
Emilie has had 2 pretty great days so maybe spending this extra week here at home with Mom will help her. I do know she is getting bored and is ready to head back to school. We are praying for decent weather for Monday!!

Hope you are all staying warm and are having a wonderfully blessed day,
***My...sisters, be full of joy in the Lord. Philippians 3:1

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Sam's mom said...

STOP worrying about how much you are getting done in the house. I swear I wouldn't have made it this have been through so very much on your journey to this perfect baby boy. Your faith and love for your family and friends has sustained you in a way that awes the rest of us.
I seriously would not be able to do ANYTHING now. Heck, if we had waited as long as you and Don I would be a certify-able/lock me in a padded cell MESS.
You are doing great girl!! An inspiration to us all.