Tuesday, January 5, 2010


SO...today was an inclement weather day...tomorrow will be the same...and it looks like the rest of the week will be the same! UUGH- Please, I do love my kiddos...BUT I am ready for some normal to begin again.
I believe Em is struggling with the idea of Mom and Dad leaving her for a week+. She has been acting out a bit more than usual. We are trying to hang out with her a little extra and do some extra fun things with her. She has gone to camp for 10 days before and gone to camp for 7 days for 2 years in a row. We are keeping her in as much of her routine as possible while we are gone. She will ride the bus to and from school and go to her normal lessons. She is a routine child which is part of the problem right now as well. We got her prepared to go back to school and now she is still at home and getting a little bored. Anyway, that is what we are dealing with right now.
Don got his upgrade on his cell phone a little early so we would have better contact while we are traveling. He has been trying to figure it out all night. We should be able to text and do facebook a little while we are gone and call home.
We are hoping to hear confirmation of our embassy date within the coming week. We have tickets on hold right now but we can change them if need be. We just wanted to get the better rate while we could.

**Some families did not pass court today for paperwork reasons, please pray for them. I know they have heavy hearts right now.

Have a warm and blessed night!

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