Thursday, January 28, 2010


When you wake up and see new photos of your precious little guy!! He is such a handsome little one...Yes, I am biased but I think I am allowed! :) Thank you so much Crouch family. We were told he was happy, friendly and not afraid as they visited with him.
**This smile may be the official downfall of our being in charge!

I keep thinking...a little over 2 weeks...can I survive that long!! :) I better get myself busy now...because once he has arrived...I am not sure I will have time for anything but loving, cuddling, and playing with my boy!! :)
Have a wonderful day!
**God is an awesome God!!!


Breann said...

Boy o boy is he so cute. We got pics today too. Great day. I am so in love

Sam's mom said...

you are NOT biased. He is truly spectacular. We are so thrilled for you guys. My only sadness is that we don't live closer because I would LOVE to love on that little guy once he's home!