Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today Emilie and I headed out for a small shopping trip. We had a list of items we needed to pick up including a pair of gray or khaki pants for Elijah. I have a very cute little polo for his embassy appt but did not like the pants I had ordered from Children's Place. (too heavy and too wide legged) The bad thing is I had checked several stores and was unable to find any pants in gray, khaki, or black. Today I was headed to B.R.U. and a few other places in hopes of finding a pair and getting a few other things done. First stop was Gordmans and did not find any there. They did have a lot of cute summer things but the only pants I found were in an outfit. And he truly does not "need" any more clothing! SO...I was able to get my father in law a birthday gift there along with a donation for the orphanage so it was not a wasted stop. Then on to lunch...Em chose Olive Garden and it, as always, was YUMMY!
Our next stop was the "baby store" as we call it. You would have thought I had taken Em to the toy store. She was so funny. She kept wanting to get him everything! I let her pick out a couple of binky clips and a holder and she chose a bib for him. We headed over to the clothing...and she was nuts! A girl after my own heart for sure. She kept showing me cute things and wanting me to buy them. I had to keep telling her no. I did find a pair of gray pants here. I opted for the 12 months because there was only an inch difference in the length between 6-9 and 12. Then I was so excited to find crib toys without batteries and they were under $10 so I bought 4 of them to take with us. I also broke down and got him a pair of shoes and a pair of fuzzy slipper things. I promised Don I would keep the tags on them and if they are too small I can return them but 1. They are too cute 2. They were on clearance!
Our next stop was to Target and there I found gray and khaki courds for 2.00 each. I went ahead and got them but I think they may be too warm for the embassy appt, from what I have heard. Our last stop was to finish father in laws b-day gift from the bird store.
Emilie had a great time shopping and so did I. I love seeing how excited she is about getting her brother. She found some of the cutest things for him and maybe after he gets here we will have shop some more! Just can't let Dad know...HA.
We spent the rest of the day at home. Don finally was able to get almost all of the Christmas decorations down. The snow is now almost all melted. The funny thing is I have the blow up things in my garage. They are blown up and drying out. That was a pretty funny sight when I pulled in from our shopping trip.

Please keep praying for those referrals, court dates, travel dates...and safe travels! Your support is what keeps us going.

Have a blessed night,

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