Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today has been a pretty good day. Good sermon at Church...I always seem to hear what I need to out of it, especially on days I really need it! What a blessing that is.
I have 2 extra kiddos for a day. Heidi we have quite a bit and her brother Matthew, we used to keep before he started school this year. Their Mommy is in the hospital again with pneumonia. Please say a prayer for her that she can get well and get home to her kiddos. Heidi slept in "Don's" bed with me last night(she calls our bed Don's bed???), we have transitioned her out of Elijah's crib. Matthew slept on a cot in the office. They both slept very well last night. I got all of us up and around for Church this morning, with the help of Randy (thanks son!). He installed car seats and loaded them up for me. Now Heidi is napping and Emilie and Matthew are playing on the wii.
I was thumbing through my devotions just seeing one that would fit my mood for today. **LOVE this book my in-laws gave me for my birthday.** I found this one and I hope you all enjoy it, too.

This is what the Lord says..."I will comfort you as a mother comforts her child." Isaiah 66:12-13
***Raising children is the most difficult, rewarding, exhausting, beautiful, chaotic, amazing job a woman can have. It's a mixed bag of dynamic emotions, pure affections, and unwavering devotion. When her children need comfort, a true mother instinctively provides it. God is the same way with His children. When you are hurting, He is there without fail, reaching out to you.

I hope you all are having a great Lord's day,

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