Monday, January 11, 2010


Not exactly the date we were hoping and praying for...but a date none the less! Our embassy date is set for Feb 18th. We will be leaving around the 13th and returning on the 21st. My mother says she had planned to run and hide on her birthday but now she plans on running to the airport! Her birthday is the 21st and it is a BIG one for her this year! we can book our tickets, which we are being told they may be more since we are traveling later. (that is how things seem to go for us) and we can begin packing and preparing. We are staying at our agency's guest house, which is what I wanted.
Although we are SO very excited about having an exact date, we are also a little bummed that it is the later date. We know there is a reason and I am praying it is the reason I am hoping for!
Now time to get to those lists!! I have cleaned some today and really need to get on the laundry. The crib is getting full of all the items I am gathering to pack so now I can actually start packing them.

Keep praying for travel dates, referrals, court dates, we all seem to be waiting on something!

Have a wonderful Monday,


Breann said...

I am sooo happy that you guys got your travel confirmation. I was praying it would be sooner, but like you said, at least you have a date. I am praying for smooth travels. We haven't heard anything new. I feel like we are being avoided. I know we aren't but it sure feels like it. We are trying to stay busy and bear through it. After this adoption is over, I feel we could handle almost anything.

I am continuing to pray for your family as you wait these final weeks. We sent you a letter and something for the boys if you are able to deliver it for us. Thank you so much.

Christy. said...

How wonderful to be able to book those tickets!!

Praying the time goes fast until you leave!