Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I decided to figure out what we are going to take for Elijah. The crib is filled with all of it right now. My only concern is if he will be able to wear it all. I am taking mostly 6-9 months, 9 months and a few 12 months. All of the 6-9 are 2 pc so I am hoping they will work ok even if he only wears them one time they will serve a purpose and we can pass them along to someone else. I have compared most of them to all the sizes and I chose the ones with the longest pant legs to take. I am not washing them so I don't have to worry about them shrinking. ***You must know that I am making myself not wash them!***I always wash before we wear! Some of these clothes have been hanging in his closet for almost 3 years! I have bought most of it on clearance so they all have tags of like 3.00 and 5.00! Gotta love clearance!
I asked another adoptive Mommy (Missy) what size he was compared to her little one and she said about maybe 9 months. Then I emailed our consultant and asked if we would get updated stats soon. She said it should be coming soon. :) YAH!!!
SO...this is today's stress! Wonder what it will be tomorrow??? :)

Hope you are all staying warm! My kiddos will be out of school again today and tomorrow AND Friday. An extra week of Christmas vacation will now take a week away from their summer vacation.

Have a blessed night all,

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Sam's mom said...

Tina -- I'm glad Missy saw Elijah in person.

FYI: Sam's updates said he would be 18 lbs when we got in-country, but he was under 15 lbs. All the clothing we took was HUGE and ended up using some clothing people had brought for donations (wearing, washing then donating them to the orphanage.) today, at 16 months, he is wearing 12 month tops and mostly 9 month bottoms. If he has a cloth diaper on he can wear 12 mos pants.