Monday, January 4, 2010


I am a HUGE list person. As my hubby says...I probably have lists for my lists...and sometimes I do! :) I am a pro at vacation packing and I love being the one to pack the car because I WILL make it all fit plus the kiddos! BUT this preparing to travel overseas to bring home Elijah is different. I know there is a packing list to follow and I have tried to keep emails and posts of those BTDT families to help but... when you are unsure of sizes and all it is hard to pack for the little one. We were told in the beginning he was a big boy, BUT as we see updated photos he does not look that big. I do not want to over pack and have things we do not need BUT I really do not want to be without something that we will most definitely will need! SEE...I could and probably will drive myself crazy over the next 3weeks! Not only do I need to prepare us to travel BUT...Em will be staying with friends of the family so I need to have her packed and all of her stuff that goes with her. I need to make lists for my Dad who will be here with Randy and putting Em on the bus each day and taking care of our pets. UUGH- OK...I just need to breathe! I am also doing the whole nesting thing. I am trying to start out the year by de-cluttering some things. I think I got a lot of it done today. My house is clean and that makes me a happy person and a nicer person to be around! :)
We are also working on trying to book a flight but so far the one that is on hold, we discovered, will not work. SO...back to the drawing board tomorrow. SO much fun!! I am getting very excited about going to get our little guy. We are finally so close...
The kids are out of school again tomorrow. I believe because of the very low temps. I was ready for them to go back TODAY! I know I love having the home most of the time BUT today was rough day and I was SO ready for them to go back. Then when I found out they were out...I figured it was God reminding me to enjoy my children...even if they drive me crazy sometimes!

Hope you all are staying warm and have a blessed week! Please pray for the families with court dates this week, plus for those waiting on court dates, referrals, and travel dates! CONGRATULATIONS to the families who received referrals today!


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Ninemire said...

Hey thanks for keeping us so updated. Think you will have time to update so well when your arms and hands are all busy huggin and lovin on Elijah??
Praying for a quick travel date.. Morgan says it's great. Can't wait to hear about your feelings, thoughts and emotions of touching, smelling and holding him for the first time.
In Christ, Tiffany