Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Today I want to thank all of the men & women of the military for all that you have done or are still doing for all us here! I know all too well the sacrifices that are made by you and your families and I am so proud of you who serve our country with pride!

Most of all I want to thank my Dad and Father in law for their service in Vietnam. I know it was not easy. I know this more now than I have ever before. Growing up I was not always aware of the sacrifices they made. But the older I get the more I am learning of it and the more I see. I am very proud of these two men!

I also want to thank my husband!! He has served now for 21+ years! He loves it...I can't always say I do. It is not easy to say good bye over and over again. But...I can do this knowing that He is doing it for me and for our children and even for all of you! He is a good man...and is willing to take the responsibility to fight for our freedom when he is called to do so.

Our children see this in him and he has passed it on to them. I am thankful for that. Our family has seen what going through a war is like first hand. We have lived in the land of the unknown...I think that has made us more aware of others who are dealing with this right now. I pray daily for the families who have lost their loved ones...and for the families who will spend the holidays is not easy but with A lot of support and prayer...and most of all will survive it! We did...and will again when the time comes! I can't promise no complaining or tears...but I can promise that I will be proud of him when he goes!

SO...please say a prayer for those serving today. (Don has troops in Afghanistan and Iraq) AND say a prayer for those who have fought before! And remember those who have lost their lives for your freedom BUT please also remember the families here at home living the unknown!

Have a blessed day,
***Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called the sons of God. Matthew 5:9

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