Friday, November 20, 2009


Although we were not quite expecting to have child #2 quite when we did, we are still very thankful for him. Randy was a bit of a surprise in more ways than one. We thought we were going to wait a little longer between our first two kiddos. God thought differently! There is only 2.5 years between the two. AND Randy arrived 3 weeks early on New Year's Day. YES...SURPRISE & HAPPY NEW YEAR! Randy will soon turn 17 and I am still trying to figure out where those 17 years went? He has always been my sensitive child...if he did something wrong he would always tell on himself and apologize. Tifanie had him playing whatever she wanted because she would tell him she didn't want to play with him and he would's ok sissy I will do it your way. He was always giving in to her. My boy has plans to join the military this year when he turns 17. I have mixed emotions about this. I have known for several years this was his plan but the time got away from me and now...well...I am in denial that he is really old enough to make this choice! :) It is hard enough saying good-bye to my husband BUT I can not imagine saying good-bye to my son! I know God has great plans for him and I am thankful He has given me the chance to be Randy's Mom.

Thanks son for all you have done and will do!

Hope you are enjoying your Friday!

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