Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today my devotion was...WHEN MOUNTAINS MOVE.

I thought I would share.

You do not have because you do not ask. James 4:2

God gives the gifts; we, as believers, should accept them- but oftentimes, we don't. Why? Because we fail to trust our Heavenly Father completely, and because we are, at times, surprisingly stubborn (AMEN!!!). Luke 11 teaches us that God does not withhold spiritual gifts from those who ask. Our obligation, quite simply, is to ask for them.
Are you a woman who asks God to move mountains in your life, or are you expecting Him to stumble over molehills? Whatever the size of your challenges, God is big enough to handle them. Ask for His help today, with faith and fervor, and then watch in amazement as your mountains begin to move.

God uses our most stumbling, faltering faith steps as the open door to His doing for us "more than we ask or think." Catherine Marshall

*After hearing last week that we most definitely would not be seeing our little guy before or by Christmas I struggled. To be honest...I thought I was doing a great job of keeping it together!! I kept telling everyone it would be the beginning of January...maybe the very end of Dec. BUT I was and AM still praying for a miracle. So after reading the update and seeing that others travel dates (still tentative) have been moved back I was so heavy hearted. I had a BIG cry...I prayed for peace...and now I am still working on being ok with all of it! We are still waiting for a court date, which I am hoping and praying it will be in early Dec!
This month I want to try and focus on the things I am thankful for in my life. I will start my thankful posts next week and work up to Thanksgiving Day.

Have a blessed evening!
***Dear Lord, the Bible tells me that when I ask for Your help, You will give it. I thank You, Lord, for Your help, for Your love, and for Your son! AMEN

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