Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today we are headed to the park for a little play time! We have been stuck in the house too long and it is time to get out of here!!!! :) We are going to have a picnic lunch and play on the fun equipment. Then we are going to run to the store...not fun but needed.

I may try to post pictures later if I take any. Emilie is excited and even made her own lunch. Poor kid, she wants to get out as well. She is excited about playing at the park with Matthew and Heidi (the little ones I am watching). Heidi has completely stolen our hearts...I have written about her before. Matthew reminds us a lot of Randy when he was little so it is fun to have them here everyday. It keeps my mind off of the adoption...kind of! :)

Well...Better get things together so we can head out!

Have a great and blessed day!

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