Monday, June 15, 2009


We attended the "Faith and Family" day at The Royals stadium yesterday. We had a good time and the Royals won! :) They were calling for rain but we had great weather and I even got a sunburn.
There was a Mercy Me concert after the ball game. It was wonderful. It always amazes me to see so many people of like faith in one area. To see them worship and praise God is such a witness to me. I love to watch my family as they do the same. To see your children with their hands in the air praising God is a wonderful blessing! We were able to listen to a few speakers, including yesterday's pitcher. What a testimony they were. The lead singer for Mercy Me really made me stop and think. He talked about all the people there and that most of us in some way was hurting right now. That many of us were struggling with one thing or another...but how we choose to handle it is up to us. Are we still letting God shine through us? Are we still saying...God is good even though we are struggling with "whatever". I can say that most of the time I am there. I KNOW God is good ALL the time! But I have my days when this all feels like too much to handle. As you may see we are at the 2.5 year mark from starting this adoption! But as he spoke he said that we must remember that God's plan will unfold and it will be better than we could have ever imagined it to be! I not so patiently wait for God's plan I pray that I am glorifying God through all of this...bumps and potholes included.

Here are a few photos from our "Faith and Family Day".
Randy and Tifanie watching the game.

Emilie posing with George Brett.

Mom and Dad enjoying the Mercy Me concert.

Mercy Me singing.

Have a blessed Monday!

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