Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last night some storms rolled through here. We were NOT hit but know some that were. My guys at Scout camp were but they are all fine. I am sure they are very tired because they spent a lot of time at the chow hall trying to avoid disaster. My sister in law was at the lake but I heard from her that they have damage to their house. We,certainly, know how that feels as it was just a little over a year ago that we lost our deck, the siding on our house, and the huge playset in the back yard. I wouldn't wish that on anyone especially if you are gone on vacation.

We are thankful that our family was safe because things can be fixed!

Today we took our little dog, Lacie, back to the vet to get her ears rechecked. She had a severe ear infection 2 weeks ago. Today she is much better but still spikes a really high fever when you take her to the vet. She gets really stressed out! Poor baby.

Well...not much to tell here. There is at least sunshine right now. :) We plan on getting outside after naps...YEAH!!

Here's a few more pics from our day at the "K".

Have a Blessed Day!

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