Tuesday, June 9, 2009


SO...I am wondering if I will ever sleep through the night again? I have had sleeping issues for several years. I am always VERY tired when I head to bed and depending on the day I usually fall asleep fairly easily.(within about an hour or so)BUT then I wake up several times throughout the night. I don't get up to go to the bathroom...I just wake up. I don't like to take anything because I want to be available if my children need me. I took tylenol pm when my son was a baby and it was just not a good thing!
This sleeping habit drives Don crazy! He usually sleeps well when he is home but he can tell when I have not because although he is sleeping it is interrupted sleep because I toss and turn all night. I feel bad for him.
I know once little guy arrives our sleep may be interrupted even more but I welcome that! Atleast then I can do something productive during those sleepless hours...such as...feed or rock our baby! :)
SO...today I am exhausted!
Adoption news...UHHHHH...NOTHING! We have been in the Ethiopia program for over a year now. We were sure hoping for a referral by now...But all in God's timing! I am still praying for peace. I am not checking the group a million times each day so that is good. I am trying to keep myself busy with things around the house! Let's hope for many referrals this week!

***Thank you, Lord, for the great promises Your word gives. You guide me always on this journey that You planned for me before I was born. Your design of life is perfect. Thank You for being ever faithful to me as I move along the path created for me to follow. You lead me, and even carry me when I am tired, Lord. You are so wonderful and faithful to me!

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