Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Don and Randy returned home from Boyscout camp today. They had a good time even with all of the storms they had to deal with. Randy returned a "firebuilder" and we are very proud of him. I went to visitor Sunday and enjoyed watching him take charge and organize things. To see your son pray in front of a group of people...makes my heart sing!
Now I begin the laundry(from 2 guys...ICK!!!) and preparing for the next event! We are quite busy this month and next!
Today marks 8 months of waiting for little guy. We know that we have moved up 2 overall so far this week. We think we are about 33ish. We are hoping it will be soon.
Now I will share a few photos from the boys' camping experience this year.

Emilie will be home tomorrow from her camp. In time for me to pack her up to go spend the weekend with Grandpa K. I am not sure who is more excited about this her or Grandpa! :)

Hope you are having a wondeful week.

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