Thursday, June 4, 2009


So...last night I met my hubby for dinner. (He was on duty.) I began to complain and get frustrated with all that is going on right now and I said I just feel like maybe we are reliving what happened with Vietnam all over again! He refused to listen to it. He said we were not going there and that this is just another bump in the road! I am trying to take his advice and look at this as just another change and move forward.
Today I was thinking well I don't want this person because...I have heard bad things about her. Well guess what that is the person we got and you know be it. God is showing me that you can not judge someone by what others think. By the way...I have heard some great things about this person as well and that really makes me feel better.
She emailed us today to introduce herself and I sent an introduction back. This is part of the plan so we will move forward with it and deal what we have been handed in a respectful and loving manner!


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Missy said...

I'm with you!!! Can't say anything until I find out for myself!!!!