Friday, June 12, 2009


WOW...33 weeks...I didn't think we would get this far. That's what I get for thinking, right? :) We did the referral pick game and as of Sat we will begin a new referral pick game. That is the last date chosen for our referral. I looked at the calendar last night trying to pick a "sensible" date! (That is what I thought I was doing last time.) I am posting names and dates on the sidebar this time. If you would like to join us just leave a comment!
This week has been very quiet on the adoption front. No new referrals and no news of any other sort. :( It makes the days move so slow!
We had a great time at the park the other day. I will post pics once they are loaded on the computer. The kids enjoyed playing and eating lunch at the park.
We are headed to get Randy at Church camp today. Then he has a car wash fundraiser tomorrow for CIY with his youth group and we are taking the kids to a Royals game on Sunday for "Faith" day at the K. They are having a Mercy Me concert after the game...We are praying for NO RAIN! Then on Monday, Don and Randy leave for BoyScout camp. We are pretty busy here for the next few days. It helps to pass the days and keep me focused on other things so that is always good.

Have a Blessed Weekend!
***For thou art my hope, O Lord God. Psalm 71:5

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Missy said...

I'm gonna guess October 15th. I just feel a dry spell coming on....
I'm DTE 7/18/08 and those are the families that are getting baby boys right now. Hope that's not too far away for you, but they are saying 13 months for an infant now...ugh. I have to change my guess again since I guessed Jun 15 for me!! I'm changing my referral date guess to....who knows anymore! LOL!!!