Sunday, February 28, 2010


2/17/10 UP VERY EARLY!

Elijah finally did his business last night! :) He had 2 very full diapers right in a row and after the 2nd one he laid back on a pillow and rubbed his little belly...too cute...and of course we did not have the video camera on! We could see clearly that he felt so much better. He had 4 more dirty diapers before falling asleep.
The Museum was interesting. One family got to try out the outside potty room. An experience I pray I never have!!! (and I did not!)
(2/17 cont.)
We got to the Hilton today and confirmed our flights home and was able to send emails home. We were unable to send pics but knew just hearing from us would make them happy. We came back to lunch and enjoyed visiting again. We have made some great connections and lifetime friends here.
We were first to go with our paperwork today. You know how God tends to get those over confident people? Well...I did not look over the paperwork just let Don handle it this time. :) He filled out the I-600A...OOPS! Wrong one...then we are missing the last 4 pages of the I-864. We both begin to panic. Ficker keeps telling us "no worries" it happens all the time. We of course are freaking out! Then...Barrett to the rescue! :) He had brought extra blank copies and all was good! Ficker (not sure if I am spelling his name right)was so sweet...he just kept saying "NO WORRIES!" I kept have no idea who you are dealing with...I am the queen of worriers! :) BUT...all is good now and we are prepared for our embassy appt tomorrow afternoon. PRAISE GOD!!! And thanks to the Coffman family being so much better prepared!

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