Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am watching the days fly by right now and am working hard to complete my lists as much as possible. I do not like to leave my house in a mess so that is mostly what my lists are right now along with finishing up some small projects and packing. We still need to install the car seat but that is on Don's list and will be done on Thur before we leave on Fri.
Today I am washing Elijah's clothes that he will have once we return home. I had waited until now because I wanted to make sure I was all caught up on the other laundry first. These are all 12 months size so we will see if he is big enough to wear them or not. It is still so hard to tell in pics. In some he looks little and in some he looks bigger. We will only know when we get there I guess.
Now on to the panic attack...Today as I was getting ready to work on some more packing, I went into the nursery to get my notebook that had my packing list in it. It was gone...I started looking everywhere...Then I thought of Em. She loves to draw and write stories. SO...I asked her and at first she said ," NO I don't know where it is." I explained again just how important it was to me and she offered to help me look for it. Not too surprisingly she found it quickly was in her room! I did good...I was very calm and thanked her for finding it and asked her to NEVER again take it out of the room. She said she was sorry and was just using it to write a poem to her brother. I am still trying to breath normally. :)
I hope you are all having a nice quiet weekend.

Please pray for those still waiting...


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Sam's mom said...

I have the "ultimate" packing list if you'd like a copy ... just PM me.
Also, I don't know if I mentioned this, but by our last medical update Sam was supposed to be close to 18 lbs and was actually 14 when we got in-country. At 10 mos he was wearing 3-6 and 6 mos outfit. The 9s he would SWIM in. Luckily he eventually grew into all the 12s. Just make sure you take a variety of sizes in case he's smaller than you expected.

I cannot believe you are so close. You and Don and the family have waited so long, longer than most of us could have standed. I would have lost my mind...literally. I know your faith has sustained you and am so thrilled Elijah will be growing up in such a loving and rich faith-filled family. Who could ask for more for a child?

Oh, and I LOVE his name. My newest nephew is Elijah also. We call him Eli and it's just the sweetest name for a little guy. Of course our Elijah was the same size at 4 mos as Sam was at maybe Elijah's are fast, healthy growers!!