Thursday, February 25, 2010


2/15/10 **Elijah is 9 months old!**
Elijah slept from 830-430 then woke for a bottle. Today has been a long day. He is still smiley! :) Although, poor guy has not had a bm since we got him and I think he is a little uncomfortable. Almaz brought us meds to try and help.
We went on a tour of the city. It was neat and sad at the same time. I enjoyed hearing the history behind places but to see how some live breaks my heart. We saw people just sleeping anywhere on the ground. We have met 2 new families who arrived today, Coffman's and Whyte's. We got to see them united with their precious boys~ SO COOL! Our 3 boys have been together since their initial orphanage so we feel quite connected already. We also met up with several others. It is nice to be with so many who understand this whole journey and and that you can share with. Tomorrow we will go to the HOH to take pics for other families.
Elijah continues to be a dream come true. His smile will melt anyone's heart!
Loving this smile!
Checking out the view with Daddy.
Checking out the city.
Rocking Elijah to sleep! LOVE IT!!!

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Ninemire said...

IT just makes me smile to see you holding him. Remember the first time we talked.. we talked about the possibility that Elijah had not been born yet. That was it.. well worth the wait isn't he?

Praise God for all he does..