Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today I did not get my total list done. I had a rough night. Emilie was not tired and so I kept getting up to check on her. SO...I was very tired today.
I did get a few errands done and a favor for my hubby. Then I came home and tried to get motivated to get something done. It did not I took a nap. Thankfully, I had dinner in the crock pot so that was already going and I got a 2 hour nap in. I did get a few things marked off the list and will have to add a few things to tomorrow's list.
Tomorrow will be a busy day beginning early with a meeting at Em's school. That should be fun! I am hoping things will go well and we will accomplish something with her teacher. If not I guess I will start a new calendar for the a countdown to the last day of school! :) This will be our 2nd meeting and we are involving the counselor and vice principal this time. Pray we are able to get through and that our tempers all stay in check. THANKS!!

Please keep praying for all of those waiting on something! I know we can all use prayers...and am so thankful for those willing to give up a few seconds to send a prayer up on my behalf...what a true blessing that is!

Have a great night all.

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