Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Only 2 more days...

Today I was able to get quite a few things done. The house is clean...please let it stay that way! Laundry is caught to the bank-DONE...Explorer-oil change...DONE! Also, got to Walmart for the kids' Valentine' gifts.

Tonight we had a little dinner with the family. Nothing fancy just brocc/cheese soup, sandwiches, and salad. The kids are all here for a change.

Tomorrow we have a little running to do then we will go pick up my Dad from Adrian. He is staying with Randy while we are gone and he will be getting Em on and off the bus every day.

Don also made a trip to the Dr. He has a sinus infection...UUGH! He was really starting to stand bad and they warned him that take offs and landing will probably be painful. Please say extra prayers for us. Thankfully, sinus infections are not contagious so I should be ok.

SO...we are so very close to take off...YIKES!!

GREAT NEWS: Several families passed court today without even knowing they had court! What a very cool surprise for all them. Congratulations! Now lets see some referrals!!!!!!

Have a great night all,

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Breann said...

Two Days!?! Awesome. I am so excited for you guys. I cant wait to hear about your trip. We will pray for healing and safe travels. And an AMAZING experience. Please love on my kiddos. The last pic was a little sad one. Hug em and kiss em for me. Have a great time.