Monday, March 1, 2010


Today we had a very relaxing morning. We got partially ready for the appt and then hung out outside visiting. It was a beautiful day and Elijah loves being outside in the sunshine and in the playroom. After lunch we gave Elijah a sponge bath and got him ready. He looked so cute in his pooh outfit and hat. We left for the embassy at around 115. I was nervous and excited.
We had to drive about 30 minutes. I wish I could put into words everything I see. I find myself wishing for better for ALL the children I see wandering alone. Today I saw a young boy sitting by a very busy roadside. He had on men's clothing (way too big) and no shoes. As a Mom I wish I could protect him and that breaks my heart. He could have been very easily run over sitting there. That is when I wish I could do more!!! And I begin to pray for guidance on what God wants for us next.
It was very busy at the embassy. We had to cross the road~SCARY! We made it through all of the security checks with minor issues. (someone forgot to take the laptop out of the diaper bag!) We finally got to the waiting room. There was another agency ahead of us so we waited about an hour. Then finally, we heard "Hubbard family please come to window 6". All of our families cheered because we were the first of our group to go. At window 6 we met a very nice man from St Louis, MO. :) Don and he swapped sports stories...some ball baseball game that took place years ago!? Then he asked us to raise our right hands...we did and we look at Elijah and he has his left hand raised. The guy got a kick out of that. We answered our few really, I blundered through them! Then he stamped the papers and said all was approved and we would get our visa and passport tomorrow. I, of course, teared up! Our final step to be able to take our boy home.
We go tomorrow to visit his orphanage where he was relinquished. I have so many thoughts going through my head~ but most of all, how do I say thank you when I know that it will never seem enough! Our gift came at such a cost to her.

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