Friday, May 29, 2009

31 WEEKS...

What can I say that is completely positive?? How about...we have survived 31 weeks? I am certain we are not going to make the court closure. I had really hoped there would be a miracle performed right in front of our eyes BUT that doesn't look like it will be happening. Now I have seen some amazing things done for us for this adoption so I am still hopeful but I am also trying to be realistic as well. My feelings have been hurt several times these past 2.5 years and most of the time it was for getting my hopes up.
So now I am praying that we will receive our referral in time to travel before Christmas. Please join me in praying! We were told this week that they are no longer giving out any numbers. We think we are close BUT we also heard that many have changed requests and since we are not being told anything who knows?? Don is NOT happy about this. He doesn't think it is fair. SO...what has been fair in all of this?? I would just like to know how to plan? This adoption has been an eye opener for a planner!
I am so happy for the ones who have received their referrals or passed court! Have to be honest though I sure wish it were us! :)

Hope you all have a blessed day!
***Father, when I feel lost or alone, You teach me I can have such great courage in Your strength and direction. You teach me through the promises of Your Word how faithful You are and that You do have an answer to all my questions and longings. I can trust you to handle any obstacles that come my way. I can trust you to give me the patience that I seek. Thank you for holding me so securely as I walk through this land. You have the whole universe's best interest in Your hands!

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