Saturday, May 16, 2009


Tifanie, our almost 19 yr old, moved into her apartment yesterday. She still has things here that need to moved thanks to the down pour we got yesterday! I was not able to help her move but I did go over last night and got a list of needs and went to the grocery store and bought her groceries. Then I hit up Walmart today and got her a few more things. Her cat will head to her new home tomorrow! :) YEAH!! The cat drives me nuts! We have a cat but this little one is constantly getting out and you have to chase it down. NOT FUN!

I am happy for Tifanie. I know this is a big step for her. She is living with her best friend so I am grateful for that.

Now we are going to do some remodeling in our home. Randy has been promised the basement bedroom so we will need to paint it. It was lime green and he says there is no way he is sleeping in there with it that color! HA Hopefully, by next weekend we will have it done and him moved down there. His room (which is the smallest in our house) will become Don's office. He is looking forward to that again! least my mind will be occupied these next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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