Wednesday, May 27, 2009

20 YEARS...WHERE DID THE TIME GO?? is our 20th wedding anniversary. What an adventure it has been for us. We have survived spending the first 3 1/2 years of our marriage in Germany away from family. (Highly recommend this because it taught us to work things out and rely on one another!) We have survived deployments away from each other...the longest was the year in Iraq. We have 3 great kids and one we are still waitig for!! We have had several highs and many lows...but we have always made it through stronger than ever.

I am blessed to have such a wonderful guy. He has always been such a great friend and provider for our family. He does little things to make me feel loved all of the time. Isn't it great that after 20 years I still get that feeling when he walks in to the room. (You know the butterfly feeling!)

Believe me when I tell you we have had our share of arguments as well. We are far from perfect but we learn from these and move forward. I tend to hold things in then blow up and be over it...He tends to NOT get over it quite so easily! One of the greatest fights we had was over the silliest thing...I was pregnant with our first child, while living in Germany. I had dropped an egg on the floor and he laughed at me...well that made me mad so...I threw an egg at began our egg fight in our kitchen! :) What a mess we had to clean up. We love to tell that story.

We also know that without God being first in our marriage then we probably would not have survived. Deployments are not easy on any marriage! It is even harder when you are trying to explain to small chilren that Daddy will be home and not really know if you are telling them the truth or not. But with a lot of prayer we all know that God protected his men and brought them all safely home to their families.

SO...Donald, Thanks for the best 20 years! Thanks for putting up with me and my moodiness these past 2 years!:) I hope and pray we have another 20 to share together!! I love you more.


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