Friday, May 15, 2009

29 WEEKS...

Well...we have hit 29 weeks. I really thought we would not see this number but hey, what do I really know?? Some days I am doing very well being optimistic and other days I am not so well. I pray A LOT! And that alone gives me peace to make it another minute, another hour, another day and even another week or month!

Today our oldest is moving into an apartment with her best friend. They are both very excited to be starting this journey in their lives. I am proud of Tifanie for being so independent but is also hard to watch her carry her things out the door! I pray all good things for my firstborn baby!

We do not have much planned for the weekend. We are going to go over to dinner Sat night with some friends to get some things accomplished for Randy's eagle court of honor. I am quite thankful for these great friends and all of their help!


Randy's procedure on Tues. He is still having pain and we are hoping this will tell us what is going on.

Those families still waiting for word on what is going on with their babies and court dates.

More referrals and court dates!

My sister and her health problems

Thanks so much for your support and prayers we feel them daily!

Have a blessed weekend.
***Lord, Your word has such healing power. Thank you for the promise that no matter how dark our days can be, You will never let us be lost or separated from Your love and care. You will never allow us to suffer more than we can bear! Even more, You comfort us through Your Holy Spirit and save us from having despairing hearts.

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