Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have been finding ways to keep myself busy and my mind occupied as our court date gets closer. My mother in law gave me a book for my birthday with comforting devotions in it and I think that is what I will use this week to help me make it to Thursday! Today I am reading about WORRY...
[Jesus said]: "Don't worry...Your heavenly Father already knows all your needs." Matt. 6:32
Worry will steal your life if you let it. And yet it is nothing more than the anticipation of trouble that most likely will never come your way. It has no substance and no power except in your mind. God asks you to replace your worry with a firm trust in His love and concern for you. He knows all that is in your future, all of your needs, and He is committed to caring for you. Surrender your mind to God and don't give worry a second thought.
SO...I am trusting that God is in control of all things and will see us through to getting our son home! 4 DAYS TIL COURT!

Tonight was Em's Christmas program at Church. I will try to get pics posted soon. She played herself and Mary this year. She did a great job! Actually, they all did a great job!!!!

Praying for those who have court dates tomorrow and the rest of this week!!

God Bless,
***Lord, grant me peace this week as we wait in anticipation to hear the good news!!

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