Thursday, December 3, 2009

10 WEEKS...and still waiting!

It has been 10 weeks since we saw our little guy. YES...10 WEEKS!!!! But I am holding my own in this never ending waiting game. This has been a great week but also a tough week. To explain...we received updated pictures of our precious little guy on Monday (THANK YOU ELISA AND BRANDON!!!). They were beautiful. His smile is priceless!! Oh my gosh...we are all so in love with him. We showed his new pics to family and friends and they all had the same reaction..." WE WANT TO GET OUR HANDS ON HIM!!" But then we heard of some court dates issued on Monday and we were not in that group. SO VERY HAPPY FOR THE FAMILIES WHO DID RECEIVE COURT DATES!! :) I was sad (and a little jealous) because a few of these received their referrals after us and sometimes that is just hard to digest. (then I start feeling guilty for feeling that way!) I was with beautiful new pics of our little guy and still feeling blue. THEN I go to check my email again. There was, in my inbox, an email from Elisa that was labeled SURPRISE. I thought it was another picture they had found BUT as I opened it there was my baby boy in a short video. I bawled like a big old baby!!! I was feeling so defeated until I saw that and I was reminded that no matter how long we need to wait...this little one is going to be our baby boy! He is so amazing!! I called Don and told him to come home that I had a surprise for him. (poor guy thought we had a court date) BUT this was just as great. We have watched it hundreds of times at least. He is beautiful for sure. We know God is in control and are praying we will hear something soon about a court date. After seeing him in the video...we are all quite anxious to get ahold of him.

Please join us in prayer for ours and many others court dates and travel dates and for many more referrals before the end of the year!

Have a blessed Thursday,
***Dear Lord, deliver me from the needless pain of envy. You have given me countless blessings. Let me be thankful for the gifts I have received, and let me NEVER be resentful of the gifts You have given others. AMEN

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