Monday, December 14, 2009


(Randy, Tifanie, Emilie, and Heidi)

We had a very busy weekend. We took Heidi to see Santa on Friday at the mall. She was so very cute. She is 2 so we thought she might be a little afraid, but once she say he was going to give her a candy cane, he became her best friend! She told him she wanted Dora and Diego and they compared their boots. We had fun and are looking forward to taking Little Guy next year.

Saturday was our first family Christmas dinner to go to. There were a lot of people there. We took Miss Heidi along with us. She enjoyed everyone and all of the food. I have a few pictures I can post here from that. Randy was being a bit of a smarty pants when we were trying to get him to smile!! Can you tell?

Sunday was Church and play practice. Our program is next Sunday so they only have one week left and we are going to have 2 practices this week. I think it will turn out great. Emilie knows her lines already and just needs a little help with the songs. I hope to remember to take the camera.

Today we will be having our scout annual dinner and the boys will go caroling at one of the homes here. The boys enjoy this as much as the ladies do. Randy still talks about memories he has of going through the years.

Today marks 10 DAYS TIL COURT!! I am so excited and ready.

Don's Aunt Sandee has given us some great things for him. A Christmas ornament with his picture in it...a VERY cool handmade bag (she did) for him...and a BEAUTIFUL pooh bear quilt (made by her mother) that I am just in love with. I will try to take a picture and post it.

I am just so very thankful for ALL of our family and friends who are just as anxious to get our little guy here and cuddle and love on him.

***PLEASE...pray for Henry today as he is having heart surgery. Also, for Heidi's Mommy, who has been in the hospital since late last week. Please continue to pray for passing court dates, new referrals,& new court dates. Thanks to all!

Blessings this Monday~

Tina***Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above...with wisdom, power and love...Our God is an awesome God!!

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