Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It has been 3 years since we began our adoption journey. I recently heard someone say that they would have given up by now. Actually, we have heard this several times. We did not give up because we knew our little guy was out there somewhere waiting for us. I have felt this for such a long time. I had no idea it would be almost 3 years before we knew who he was...or over 3 years before he was in our arms. The thing is God knew all along! He knew we would hit some bumps and He knew we would struggle (He never promised it would be easy!!). The one thing I am certain of is He has been in control the whole time and we have NEVER walked this journey alone. SO, as frustrating as it is to have waited 3 long years...I now know why. Our little guy was meant to be ours and God's plan was perfect for us. ( I can say this now but then...it was tough!!) :) This year I finally get to put up that 6th stocking! I was so excited to pull it out of the tub of Christmas stuff this year and to hang it up. It makes it more real and although now our mantle holds his pictures along with the decorations I thought I would share this picture.
Little Guy is also 7 months old today! I wonder what he is doing all the time. I can not wait to get him in my arms for good. We are hoping in another 6-7 weeks we will be there with him!!

9 DAYS UNTIL COURT DATE!!! I am keeping myself busy with lists here so that I don't think too much. I don't want to spend my time worrying...I just want to leave it in God's hands and let it go. Now...I shall confess...I am not good at this! I tend to worry about everything and let it all weigh me down. But I feel such a peace right now and so I am just going with it. I pray for peace all the time and I believe God has given me peace and I am allowing it to hold right now. God is in control and that is how it should be!

PLEASE continue to pray for Henry(1 yr old), he had heart surgery yesterday and is doing good right now. Heidi's Mommy is at home but will need to gain strength now. There was a referral yesterday...pray for more in the next few days! AND court dates and passing court dates along with those traveling and more travel dates! Thanks to all!!!

Have a blessed Tuesday,
***Let go and Let God!!!

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