Friday, September 18, 2009

WEEK #47...

Nothing new to report this week. We are still here and we are still waiting for our phone call... It is kind of hard because you get so pumped up when you here good news and you just want it to keep coming and then...nothing for a week...such a let down!

I am starting to keep the phone around me now. I am so hoping we are very close. It is tough when you don't know exactly where you are sitting at. We know overall but are pretty much guessing on the other because we do not know if anyone else has changed their request? Very hard for this list person!!

***Please keep my sister, Cindy, in your prayers this next week. She heads to Mayo clinic after a few years of illness and no diagnosis. We are praying she will finally get answers and be on the mend. She is leaving three boys in the care of my Dad during the week and my mom will join them on the weekends. Pray for them all as the boys will surely miss their Mom and are very concerned about her. My sister has been a great source of support for me, especially these past few months of waiting. I was reading my devotion today and this was the verse...I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you. 1Kings 20:5

We are headed to Branson today. Don has a Guard conference to attend. We are taking Emilie and little Heidi. I am sure us girls will find something to keep us entertained while Don is in meetings.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend.
**Heavenly Father, Your Word promises the YOU will not give us more than we can bear; YOU promised to lift us out of our grief and despair. Today, LORD, I pray for those who mourn, and I thank YOU for sustaining all of us in our dark days. AMEN

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