Friday, September 11, 2009

46 WEEKS...a little ray of sunshine! has been 46 weeks. Time flies...NOT!!! (more like creeps...when you are waiting!) The good news is that there were 2 baby boy referrals this week so we moved up on the overall list AND our preference list. SO..we know we are 26 overall and not sure where we are at on the other one but know we are getting VERY close!! PLEASE LET IT BE SOON!!!!!!!
UPDATE: A family that was in front of us on the list chose a little guy off the waitlist. SO...we are another step closer. WOO-HOO!!!!
Don so wants to call and ask for our exact number but I keep telling him they will not give it to him. He keeps thinking of different scenarios he can use to ask...HA! I keep telling him it doesn't matter they will NOT tell him. He and I are a lot alike when it comes to planning and making arrangements. PLUS...we know what our youngest is like and she must have a set routine and changes cause her to be a little off for awhile so it will be hardest on her while we are gone. We have been doing our best to prepare her and she should stay in her normal routine other than us being here.

Our weekend is a boring one! Don left this morning for guard and will travel out of state on Sunday for an overnight to see some of his troops before they head to Iraq. He struggled with this group leaving because they are the ones he served with a few years ago in Iraq. He had the guilt thing going on. I am glad he is here for a few more years at least!! BUT if you think about it please say a prayer for these men and women and those left behind! I can certainly relate and would wish it on no one!! That was the toughest time of my life with three young children.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

***HE granted their request because they trusted in HIM. 1 Chronicles 5:20


Christy. said...

Hi, my name is Christy and we are also adopting with CHI. I too am excited about the waiting list referral because they were in our age range too. :0) What age/gender are you requesting?

We are requesting a boy, 12-28 months...

Ninemire said...

Glad you found some sunshine.
Thanks for all your prayers I know they have helped and I am sure in ways I will never know..

Christina Hubbard said...
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