Thursday, September 24, 2009


YES...THAT IS RIGHT!! Today at 1035 am we received one of the most precious "gifts" we could ever receive! He is absolutely amazing. He is only 4 months old and we are just speechless. He is quite healthy looking. I wish I could share more but...that will have to wait until after we pass court. For now...We feel so blessed!

The referral story:

Well...I was busy cleaning out cabinets and repapering them. I was trying to keep myself busy so as not to think about the fact that we have been "waiting" so long! Don came in from work and we were talking and playing with Heidi. His cell phone rang and we were standing close together and Heidi was in his arms. I could hear a woman's voice and he responded no when she asked if he was at work...then she asked if I was there...I lost it!! I heard her say "this is your day" and all I said was OOOOH- Then she began giving details and I said oh wait I need a pen. We were both crying and laughing and shaking. Poor Heidi did not know what to think. We hung up and got on the computer. We fell in love with our little guy immediately. He is adorable!
We then quickly packed up and headed to Walgreens to make copies of the photo. Before we went into Walgreens we had to gain our composure. Then we headed first to Em's school (she was promised first dibs on seeing him) and then to Randy's school. Then we called Tifanie and she met us for a picture as well. We have called lots of people.

Now we wait for the court date. But I think for now I will just enjoy this day!!

Thanks so much if you have been praying for us! Please keep it up...we still have about 3-4 months of waiting to get through.



Saxon and Shannon said...

So happy for you! I always love hearing the story about the referral call! Maybe I'll have one of my own to share one day!!

Monique said...

Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you!!!

Sam's Mom said...

I am so very happy for you Tina & Don & the kids. What a blessing! I know you have waited YEARS for your little boy. I'm so thrilled.

Ninemire said...

Funny it happened as it will when Christ will return, many will predict when,,no one will really know!!!!!!!!
Congratulations,,,praising God along with you

Missy said...

Great news, great story!! VERY happy for you all!

Paul and Deedra said...

How fun! I'm sure you're on cloud 9. Congratulations!