Friday, September 4, 2009

45 WEEKS...

Another week passes us by. There was a referral yesterday of a 17 month old little guy who is special needs. I am happy there was a referral this week!! And praying for many more in the next few weeks. We know we are #28 overall.

I am so very thankful for those who have been commenting or others who have been just calling or emailing your encouragements. The longer the wait becomes the harder it seems to be hitting me! I don't like sounding down and I really don't like sounding like a big whiner!! BUT...lately...that is how I feel. those who are standing in the gap for me right now...THANK YOU! It helps to know when I feel at my lowest that I have those willing to pray me out of it!

We have Heidi's birthday party Saturday and then on Sunday we are headed home to have a reunion and then celebrate my sister in laws birthday. I am hoping that will keep me busy enough not to think too much!

Hope you all have a wonderful "holiday" weekend!
***Faith is seeing light with the eyes of your heart, when the eyes of your body see only darkness. Barbara Johnson
Father, in the dark moments of my life, help me to remember that YOU are always near and that YOU can overcome any challenge. AMEN-


Ninemire said...

You are welcome to be bummed anytime you want,.... it's your blog :) Being real is refreshing to me... everybody has those days... just do your best to count it all Joy.....
Gary and Morgan are scheduled to be home on the 12th.

Debbie said...

I was introduced to your blog by someone on our agency forum. Waiting and waiting and waiting some more is difficult, but when the waiting is through and you're holding your little boy, none of this will matter. Keep your head up and know that this is just a little time in the big picture of life.