Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Last Friday I got a letter in the mail saying that Tifanie needed to come back into the USCIS office and have her fingerprints re-done because they were rejected???? SO...as to not waste any time and get this all figured out we headed back to the office today. Don went in with Tifanie while I hung around outside with little Heidi. While in there for about 30 minutes they discovered that it was all a mistake and her fingerprints were fine the first time around. She was NOT happy because this is not a school day for her and she could have slept in before going to work this afternoon. OOPS!! Oh well...Better safe than sorry! :)


Ninemire said...

glad it was a mistake.. looks like I am going to be the lucky winner on Sept 21st.. Yeah me,,, is there a prize? Like I get to hold the little guy first or you could name him after me....Mr.Tiffany :)
Have a great week

Hubbards said...

HA...Tiffany...I think our Tifanie would love that also!! :) BUT he is already named and has been for 6years...Saving it for when we can post his picture for the first time. Also...there is a prize! If you win...You will be my bestest buddy for life!! :) **There is a real prize as well.**