Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We got our fingerprints done. We waited about 45 minutes total. Their computers were updating so we had to wait a few minutes to get our receipt to go to the fingerprinting door so that was about 10 minutes of our wait. We only needed a letter explaining what we needed and our fingerprint form that says when they will expire. Now hopefully it will not take long and they will be cabled to Ethiopia and all will be in order when we get our call! SOON PLEASE!!!!

My morning was a bit stressful. Emilie did great getting up and ready for school. I had to get ready to leave the house when she left so I was running around a bit not being able to stay on top of her...reminding her of the usual things...brush your teeth...put your deodorant on...etc. At 841 I realize Tifanie (our oldest) is not yet here and was supposed to be here at 830. SO...I call and no answer. I call Don and he then calls her and calls me back. He had forgotten to call and wake her up at 730. OK...PANIC mode starts to set in.

I get Heidi into the Explorer with her backpack and get all of the paperwork I may need in the vehicle as well. Then I sit there...my stress level was on overload at 904!! I was trying to remain calm and listen to my Christian music to keep me focused...I called and voiced my frustration to Don! (he apparently called Tifanie again to worn her I was not in a good mood!) We pulled out of our subdivision at 912 and our appt was at 930.

The benefit of following hubby was that he was in his police car! We got to the USCIS office at 929 an thankfully all went very well. We even had a VERY friendly lady at the window!

SO...as usual it all worked out just fine and I was nuts for no reason!

Hope you all enjoy your day,
***Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for HIM. Psalm 37:7

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