Monday, September 7, 2009


SO...tomorrow we have an appt to get our fingerprints done again (third time is a charm) RIGHT???? I am hoping it will be a short wait. We have never had to wait very long so praying tomorrow will be the same.

Today I have tried to get the things I think they will want when we go. I am hoping I have it all.

I am also praying this will be our last trip to the USCIS office before little guy arrives! :) PLEASE!!!!

I did have a great day yesterday. We enjoyed seeing family at my parents. It was family that I don't get to see very often so it was nice. Then we went to my in laws and had dinner for my sister in laws birthday.

Today I have spent Labor Day...laboring! :) I cleaned house, did laundry, and made some treats for the family.

Hope you all are enjoying your day off.


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