Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I made a snack for myself yesterday. I cut up an orange and as I was sitting down Elijah saw it and decided he wanted some. I didn't think he would like it so gave him a taste. The boy could not get enough. He was slurping away at the juice. Everytime I took it away he would try to attack it with his mouth.

Now...I wanted to ask for a little help. The orphanage that Elijah came from is needing some help and thanks to a wonderful family with the help of our agency they are working to give them the help they need. This family has started a blog to fund raise to help Numan Orphanage. Don and I were able to visit this orphanage before they moved to a different building. It was a wonderful visit but also very hard to see. Sometimes we need a reality check and I believe our trip to Ethiopia was just that. It was a reminder for me to not take what the Lord has blessed me with for granted. I saw through the eyes of someone else and it touched me in a way that I will never be able to put into words. We knew we wanted to find an organization that we could give to monthly that would benefit our son's birth country and this is what we plan on giving to for now. They took care of our baby boy at the very beginning and we are so thankful to them and what a wonderful way to pay it forward. SO...if you feel led to give or if you just want to check it out, I am posting the blog link here. And thank you so much in advance.
Have a blessed day.

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