Thursday, April 15, 2010


It is hard to believe this precious little guy is 11 months old today or that we have had him in our arms for 2 months! He is such a joy and a blessing to our family. If you are feeling a little off all you have to do is look at this smile and all is good.
He is doing amazingly well. He has his pedi so baffled that he was actually in an orphanage for 9 months of his life. We know God had his hand gently wrapped around our boy. *He is taking a step or two when he feels brave enough. *He gives kisses but usually only if he is in the mood for it. *He claps and does peek a boo. * He loves the stairs and can now make it up all 14 steps with ease. (he has fallen down about 7 of them and no tears...and was ready to go again!) *He will eat some table food but still prefers his baby food. *He will drink juice out of a sippy cup. *He dances... Usually, if he hears a commercial with music in it! Or you can Elijah and he will dance. Pretty funny! *He will mimic just about anything. I am sure he is doing so much more but I will not bore you with it all. I will say that he is certainly the highlight in our house! We are so looking forward to the summer and all of the fun "firsts" we will get to experience with him.
Now...on to the best part...PICS!!! :)

Getting ready to head up the steps!
In Mommy's laundry basket!
He loves to climb in my laundry baskets while I am trying to fold the laundry.
Mommy is sharing some of her frozen custard with Elijah...YUMMY!
AND...Mommy gets a kiss for sharing! Mmmmm a nice open mouthed one at that!

STATS: 29 inches long 20 lbs 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth coming through
Hope you are all having a great week! We are certainly enjoying the great weather.
Blessings to all,

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Sam's mom said...

that face melts my heart each and every time I see it. sigh!