Saturday, May 1, 2010


Elijah has really taken off this past week. He will walk from one end of the room to the other. He has stood up from a squatting position but most of the time he will find the closest thing he can pull up on and head off to whatever he is after. We did finally get the camcorder out and tape it. Now to figure out how to get it on here.
He is one of our earliest walkers. He took his first steps at 10 months...I think Tifanie took her first steps at 11 months and was walking well at a yr. Emilie took her first steps right at a yr. Randy was our little lazy boy! He took his first steps at about 13 months. I think he figured why walk if you get carried everywhere. :) He was so small that everyone just carried him around. Elijah is our heaviest little one and get heavier the longer you hold him! He is quite the chunk but still so short. He weighs about 21 lbs or so.
He has also discovered how much he loves being outside. Daddy took him for a walk/run the other night and then when he got home Dad had to mow and Elijah was not a happy boy. I don't like to take him out while dad is mowing (for safety reasons). So, I finally had to shut the door so he couldn't see Dad. I guess while Don was out with him, he would stop to walk and Elijah would start signing "more". He loved the running. I am working on a few signs with him. He pretty much does his own version of them but that is ok. He does more and all done and we are working on please next. He does wave hi and bye also.
We are celebrating his first b-day on Mother's Day. My nephew is graduating the weekend of Elijah's b-day so we just bumped up his party one week. We are not doing anything big since we just had a huge welcome home party for him. We are just having immediate family for a bbq.
This week Tifanie and I took Elijah shopping with us. We hit the consignment store first. I was looking for some outside toys for him. We didn't find much in that area but Tifanie found a truck that he was enjoying and I found a rocking police car. He loves them both and since Daddy is a policeman I couldn't pass it up. So...Here he is enjoying his new police car.

***Yeah for my new police car!!
Emilie goes back to the Dr this week to see if her arm is healing and has stayed in place. A broken arm has certainly not slowed her down. She makes me so nervous with it.
Randy has hurt his knee in school so we have a follow up appt this week for him. I am telling you when it rains it pours! :) But we are surviving...and enjoying every minute! Well, maybe not the ER visits but...
Hope you are all doing well. I am still praying for everyone "waiting"!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Breann said...

It is so wonderful to see how quickly life becomes normal again. Many blessings to you. He is so cute.